Seven Days in May is one of my favorite movies. It deals with a point in history where the US government is making critical decisions about nuclear defense and treaties, and the country is dangerously divided as to which way to proceed. The President is on one side. The military's Joint Chiefs of Staff are on the other.

Now if something were to happen to the President....
(of course, these days, I wish something would happen to the "President". At least impeachment for all the untruths and misleadings he's done, not to mention the outright breaking of the laws and violating his sworn duty to uphole the Constitution. The man who has given the word "Patriot" a bad name.).

Sounds from the movie

First checking into ECOMCON

Introducing the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs

General Scott on Patriotism and Loyalty

The President learns about ECOMCON

The details of what ECOMCON really is

Who knows what (and what they shouldn't know)

A plot!

The buck stops here (Hear that, DUBYA??)

Betting on horses

The Rabbit laid bait for the Fox!

Nobody knows about ECOMCON???

Admiral has a failing memory...

Why this crucifixion is an act of Faith

Martial Law?

You know the's designation is ECOMCON

I am prepared to brand you for what you are General

Demand and be damned, I will not resign...

I'm going to fight you!

Are you sufficiently up on your Bible to know who Judas was?